" We set the budget and the areas we wish to "Finish", and handed it over to CHI to complete for our "Home Within a Home" Model Homes in Kings Grant, Richmond ... We love that we are able to finish our Model Home with both furniture and accessories and have the whole process taken care of for us by one supplier... We’ve worked with Custom Home Interiors before and always found them to be very professional and willing to ensure that we achieve the results we want with the budget we set... We certainly will continue our relationship with CHI...www.metrichomes.com "
- Stephan Keedwell - Metric Homes Inc.

" Custom Home Interiors has brought credible clients to the table. They communicated my services and product to the client, aided in the design processes and kept them informed of progress, which can be slow with my product and requires keeping the client confidently patient. They collected deposits, draws and final payment and forwarded these in a timely fashion. CHI has also seeded the client for future projects. Both Andrew and Tyler are great members to have on the team! We look forward to a continued business relationship with CHI. "
- John Tschirhart - President/Designer Custom Billiards

" ...It was an excellent experience from start to finish ... From the ordering process to the delivery of the products there was always a staff member available to answer my questions. The overall product and customer service was exactly what I was looking for... I will certainly use CHI again for future projects...www.ottawaurbanagent.com "
- Jeff Mziray - Remax Metro City

" I was concentrating on my kitchen and bedroom. CHI had a full range of product lines and the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable...It would be nice to see more CHI locations around the Country... "
- Rudy Putns - Satisfied Home Owner

" I will always remember the fact that CHI was always striving to cater to my needs and wants.  At the time of the purchase, my needs were to stay within my budget, selecting the best style, and finally, take into account the small area in which the furniture was to be located.  All three very important needs were respected, and as a result, created a terrific purchasing experience .... they were very accommodating to my needs and wants.  They asked me detailed questions of my likes and dislikes in order to help select the best product that I was looking for.  This was extremely beneficial for me as I do not have ANY home design style.... I have advised many others about CHI, and they have already been in contact with CHI representatives.  CHI did provide me with a lasting impression, therefore my family, friends, and colleagues will now know about it. "
- Graziella Panuccio – Satisfied Condominium Owner

" One of my favourite aspects was the customer service provided. I don’t think that a sales associate at another store would provide me with the service CHI did. In fact, I know that another store would not provide the service because I was in that situation in the past. I would definitely use CHI for my next home project. I don’t think I would go anywhere else to purchase home furnishings as I do not believe I will get the same service I got from CHI. If CHI continues this path, I would like to see locations all across Canada one day! "
- Christina Barresi - Satisfied Home Owner

" ...I completed my TV room with CHI...The people at CHI were so accommodating! It was truly a custom experience... They worked with us to come up with a room that exceeded our expectations! I liked that once they had an idea of what I was looking for, they provided me with a number of options (style and price) from which I made my final decision. They also have EVERYTHING - we didn’t have to search all over the city - we found it all at CHI... I already have them booked for my kitchen project... "
- Karyn Reikstins – Satisfied Homeowner and Decorator

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