Renovators & Contractos

Boost your trade work and offer your customers more than the competition.

At CHI we have access to an incredible selection of furniture, lighting, home automation, window treatments,accessories and fireplaces. The one-of-a-kind CHI Solution makes it simple for both you and your clients.

As an affiliate with Custom Home Interiors, you’ll discover new ways to save time and increase profits. Read more about the benefits you’ll enjoy as one of our valued affiliates.


• Access a virtually endless selection of home furniture, décor, electronics and more. 

• Earn commissions on all sales made by CHI to your customers;

• Receive qualified, customer referrals and networking opportunities through the CHI group of affiliates and clients;

• Meet and work with your clients or partners in our design center and its’ professional and fully equipped workrooms and resource center;

• Receive first-class service to create positive and memorable experiences for you and your clients;

• Attend training and information on every product we sell. You’ll have the info you need to make the right choices for your clients;

• Find out the many reasons that trade professionals across Ottawa stand by CHI’s services.

To join our trusted network and reap the benefits of being a valued business partner with CHI, contact us now.

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