Retirement Homes

At Custom Home Interiors we pride ourselves on providing creative and innovative solutions for your projects. Our One-Of-A-Kind  CHI Solution ensures that you receive a luxury level of service, excitement from our design team and truly enjoy the overall experience. Throughout your project you will have one point of contact who can coordinate everything from the product selection stage through to delivery and implementation.

We have the unique ability to provide options for appliances, window coverings, electric fireplaces, audio visual and all furnishings. Our design team can help you every step of the way as to meet your brand standard design and exceed your expectations.

 Our seasoned team is accustomed to working on large scale projects, with tight timelines and strict budgets. We understand the demands of these projects and your point person will be completely available to work alongside you to completion of the project on time and on budget. We are a coast to coast organization and routinely work on projects across Canada.

 Contact Custom Home Interiors now to take advantage of all the unique solutions we can provide to you and your team.

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