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Tap into the Custom Home Interiors vast network of affiliates and clients, and get the increased market exposure your products deserve.

As part of our all-in-one CHI Solution, our customers love our ability to source exactly what they need. As an affiliate with us, your products will be displayed prominently in front of potential buyers, while our teams of designers will send qualified referrals right to your door. You’ll also have access to our time and economically efficient logistical solutions.

We know how important our affiliations and partnerships are to your business and we want to be there to work together. Read more about the benefits you’ll receive as an affiliate with Custom Home Interiors.


  • Benefit from having your products featured in professionally designed lifestyle displays;
  • Expand your market reach with increased exposure for all of your specialty products;
  • Take advantage of convenient and time-saving logistical solutions that make business easier for you and your potential customers;
  • Receive qualified, customer referrals and networking opportunities through the CHI network of affiliates and clients;
  • Gain even further profits on any referrals you send to CHI;

At Custom Home Interiors, we don’t see other retailers as competitors but rather we see partners. We know that through affiliations and cross promotions, we can both find larger markets and offer our customers more.

Become a valued affiliate with CHI and take advantage of the innovative solutions we provide. Contact us now.

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