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What is the Community Excellence Program?

The Community Excellence Program is a ground-breaking initiative tailored to revolutionize communities across Ontario. This two-phased journey offers a complete roadmap to plan, refresh, and maintain properties while helping to attract and retain community members.

Program Overview

For a high level overview of the program—download our Program Overview!

Program Features

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Phase 1 (Visionary Planning) – Video

Phase 2 (Sustained Excellence Journey) – Video


The benefits are profound. The Community Excellence Program aims to transform communities. It lays the groundwork, and then delivers on a promise to community members that they will continually enjoy a vibrant, comfortable, and elegant environment.

Phase 1

Detailed analysis, design solutions specifically created for your needs, and a step-by-step visionary plan for future improvements.

Comprehensive Property Analysis

Customized Design Solutions

Strategic Implementation Guide

Phase 1 Literature

Phase 2

Ongoing design assistance, tracking and management system that ensure transparency and stability, warranty programs, and dedicated support.

Continuous Design Support

Enhanced Resident Experience

Financial Predictability

Phase 2 Literature

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